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As I was remembering, finding and organizing poems for a collection about Californiaís north coast, where I grew up, I realized Iíd never assembled the random poems published over the past three decades.  Whatever the topics, I wasnít even sure how many had been published, or in which journals some of them ended up.  Some pre-dated the era of simultaneous publication on line and in print.  Some were hidden away in long-gone print magazines.  Some were lost at on-line-only sites just as defunct.

Luckily most found homes in journals still alive and flourishing.  Where possible, Iíve provided links to all those publications.

With the massive help of my friend and housemate, the artist and web wizard Doug Peterson, Iíve recovered all my published poems and indexed them in order from most recent to my earliest published poem, ďCrossing the Missile Zone,Ē in Morty Sklarís 80ís anti-nuke anthology, Nuke-Rebuke, from Spirit That Moves Us Press. (First time out, what company I found myself in--Dennis Brutus, Gary Snyder, William Stafford, Robert Creeley, Marge Piercy, Eugene McCarthy (!), among many others.  In that company, I felt like a mis-invited flea.  Luckily, none of the luminaries swatted me away.)

Anyway, here they are, around fifty poems that have been taken by some editor, somewhere, for some reason. 

Iíve also included web links to a sampling of my published fiction, to my author page on Amazon.com, and to Dougís artistry at duggio.com.† Many thanks to Doug for web design and support, and to my patient and wise colleagues-in-poetics over the decades, Sandra Maresh Doe, Mell McDonnell, Graham Walker, Dale Brunsvold, Ann Meisel, Patty Mosco Holloway, Jim Mooney, and Carson Reed.

If you have any comments or questions, I would enjoy hearing from you: lee_patton@hotmail.com


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